Technical Areas

Molecular Biology

This laboratory develops molecular biology, extraction and amplification techniques of DNA fragments and genes for later sequencing.

Vivarium and bioassays

The vivarium aims to reproduce, grow, care, maintain and young different aquatic taxonomic groups to realize scientific experiences.

Instrumental Chemistry

Measurements of chlorophylls, toxins and pesticides, using a Shimadzu HPLC; anion and cation profiles with a Metrohm Ionic Chromatograph; Heavy metal measurements with a Buck 200 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer and Total Organic Carbon measurements with a Teledyne Tekmar TOC.

Computer science and graphic design

The Design area involves the realization of posters, institutional stationery, ILPLA website. Computer maintenance of the software and hardware used in the Institute.

Facilities maintenance

Maintenance and repair of laboratory facilities and equipment. Development of devices and tools for sampling and laboratory experiences.

Automotive and fieldwork assistance

Preparation of maintenance plan of the nautical and automotive park. Support in fieldwork and staff transfers. Development of sampling elements.