Library and Publications

The library of the Institute “Dr. Raúl A. Ringuelet” specializes in aquatic ecology and started to work in 1974 through the exchange of bibliographic materials with other national and international institutions and various donations of books and journals related to limnology and ecology.


  • Specialized reference. Reserchs and advice on the use of libraries, catalogues and specialized databases
  • Papers retrieval. Location and retrieval of obtaining papers in english, spanish and other languages
  • Reference room. Consult the assets in the library


Books and journals acquired by the Institute

The collection is available for consultation in the Collective Catalogue in conjunction with the Library of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Museum “Florentino Ameghino”, the library of the Center for Parasitological and Vector Studies (CEPAVE) and the library of Argentine Entomological Society “Dr. Alberto Breyer”.

Ringuelet’s personal collection

Donation of Dr. Ringuelet’s personal collection of books and journalsmagazines to the Institute. This collection features more than 1200 books and other types of documents.

Other documents

E-books, scientific articles and digitized works used by the Institute’s researchers.

Institutional Repositories


Open Access journals published by the Institute. The Institute has a long history of editing and publishing scientific journals and publications

Ask the librarian

CONTACT: +54 (221) 4222775 – Intern: 31

This library adheres to open access to scientific information and the Open Access Movement