The tasks of this working group are devoted to the study of the biodiversity of the aquatic entomofauna of Argentina, especially in relation to the Culicomorpha (Diptera).  The lines of research are linked to the systematic evaluation of insects and to the study of their biodiversity in relation to the distribution of aquatic entomofauna along environmental gradients. Among the tasks carried out, we can mention cladistic analyses, systematic reviews, descriptions of taxonomic novelties, the elaboration of regional identification keys, the preparation of species inventories, the mention of relevant records, and the preparation of different biogeographic analyses.


Aquatic entomofauna, biodiversity, systematics, identification, inventories, records, biogeography

Working group head

Dr. Mariano Donato  



Dr. Augusto Siri    


+54 (221) 422-2775 – Intern: 40