Bird Ecology

Our research group studies the ecology of the birds that inhabit continental aquatic ecosystems of the northeast of Buenos Aires. The area where we carry out our studies includes two private farms in Punta Piedras, Punta Indio, Buenos Aires Province, located within the Biosphere Reserve Southern Coastal Park (MAB-UNESCO).

Our research is focused on assessing the habitat quality effects (morphometric, physico-chemical and biological parameters of the body of water) on food availability, breeding pair establishment and breeding success of the birds that nest in the lowland streams and surrounding pastures of the northeast of Buenos Aires.

Through our research we seek to characterize these unique and interesting habitats, contribute to knowledge about the biology of the birds that use these habitats as breeding sites and assess the extent to which habitat alteration influences various aspects related to the ecology of birds.

In this manner, we hope to generate quality data which will allow the correct diagnosis and evaluation of the lowland streams and natural and anthropogenic processes that affect their biodiversity. These data will be placed at the disposal of the management authorities.


Keywords: Birds, breeding territories, habitat alteration, lowland streams, Pampas grasslands, reproductive biology, reproductive success.


Dr. Luciano N. Segura   


Dr.  Adrian Jauregui   

Dr. Martin A. Colombo  

Paula A. Gerstmayer 


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